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Switch your spend – Supporting good causes with money you're spending anyway

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What we do is pretty simple

When you Switch Your Spend to us we give 20% of the purchase price on everything you order to your chosen fund-raiser, club, charity or good cause. We pass on the cash for every item, every time you order through us.

And for everyday items such as toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, washing detergent and so much more, it’s money you’re already spending anyway. Switching that spending to us means you get some great products and your chosen good cause gets a significant financial benefit.

​​​​​​​So instead of the profits from the sale of those products going into the pockets of large corporate companies, they go to charities, good causes and towards raising funds for clubs and schools and even helping people in need. But here’s the best part – you decide where your profits go.

This means that if you are passionate about supporting a particular charity that’s personal to you or you’re raising funds for a club or school that you’re part of, you can now do that with money that you actually already spend.

How it works

1. Select a cause

Simply register and select your cause to Switch Your Spend. This tells us who you would like to support with your purchases.

2. Place your order

Place your order via the online store you're directed to. It will get sent straight to your door.

3. We Give 20%

Your purchase really counts. For every product you Switch Your Spend on, we give 20% of the sale price to your chosen cause.

Register to Switch Your Spend

Simply fill out the form to let us know who to give the profits from your purchases to and then hit the button below to be directed to the online store to make your purchases.

The products

The products we switch to are pretty amazing. They are based on the highest quality Aloe Vera available in the world and are produced using good ethics and sustainable methods. They are cruelty free, suitable for all cultures and are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Our Good Causes

Check out our charities and current fundraisers to decide where you’d like your profits to go.​​​​​​​

Your purchase really counts. For every product you Switch Your Spend on, we give 20% of the sale price to your chosen cause.

Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance

Helicopter emergency response for Dorset and Somerset
Visit website

4th Glastonbury Scout Group

Visit website

John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation


We would love to hear from you

We love to receive any feedback about any aspect of our service so do feel free to get in touch.

If a Good Cause that you would like to support isn’t shown, tell us about them below so we can add them. Tell us why you’d like to see them on our site and a little about what they do

Apply for your own fundraiser

Utilize the money we all spend anyway to help raise funds for your school, club or group.

It’s easy asking people to do something they already do.

We all spend the money anyway, so why not make it count?

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